Here you have some videos and trailers about the latest video games in which i worked as an Art Director and were published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Steam or Smartphone.

By the way... yes, I made the trailers too. 

Blues and Bullets is a noire episodic game where Eliot Ness must confront his demons to solve his last case.
Uploaded by PlayStation EU on 2016-04-15.
Trailer of the second episode of Blues And Bullets, release date 10th March in PC / Steam , later on Xbox One / Playstation 4.
Funk of Titans is a thrilling and addictive game, simple and fun to play but hard to master. You will control Perseus, the son of Zeus and protector of the legendary holy music: the Funk.

Download it now on the App Store: Help the sweetest hero of all times save his life! Sugar Kid took hold of Mr. Lemon's throne in his own world! The evil mastermind now wishes to take his revenge. He wants to see how sweet Sugar Kid collapses, sinks into lemon juice and melts!